Saturday, October 30, 2010

My true weakness.

I need to make a confession. This might cause me to sound...superficial. or shallow. or just plain honest!

Everyone has a weakness. Mine happens to be quality reality shows. This is a severe weakness. They are as follows:

-Real Housewives of NY

-Real Housewives of NJ

-Real Housewives DC

-Real Housewives of OC

-Real Housewives of BH

-Guilliana and Bill

-Tori and Dean

-Rachel Zoe

-The Kardashians

-19 Kids and Counting


I think I have a real (housewives) problem.

Now there are other shows I do enjoy from time to time but these are the ones I seem to be completely and utterly loyal to. I know that I probably shouldn't 'enjoy' watching these shows, because, let's be honest, they're not all the most appropriate shows. And I don't encourage it. But sometimes I just cannot help it! If its on, I'll watch it. And if its recorded, I'll watch it. Oh dear. I'll just watch it.

Does anyone else have a similar weakness? Or is it just me?!

On another note, there might be a tutorial coming up on here sometime in the near future!

Enjoy the Saturday! Go Rangers game 3!


Samantha Maggs said...

Hey Loren! Totally struggle with this! Love/hate relationship for sure (but mainly love if I am honest)! Enjoyed reading your blog, you are such a beautiful woman inside and out : )

Lauren Monroe said...

i completely share this with you!! I think beverly hills are my new favorite!! i'm addicted!!! i recently got into top chef: just desserts! hehe Im glad we will have this to talk about next time I see you!