Thursday, October 28, 2010

stain, stain everywhere.

Today. I stained.

Stained canvases.

So much that I got it all over my hands.

Look at how messy I am, gosh. I justify it by saying I like to stain with a messy-ness. The yellow looking one on the right is actually a gold spray paint base that I will stain over. We'll see how that one goes. Oh and I have some really neat new ideas! I'll show them to you in the near future. These are about half of what I have right now.

Some will be gifts, some will go to a craft show, some will be in my Etsy shop. My Etsy shop that doesn't exist just yet, but once I have a few things to sell, I'll let you know!

And don't worry Kelci, these won't be exactly like yours, just similar!

I hope everyone is enjoying there thursday evening. As for me, I'm headed back outside to this!

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