Friday, October 1, 2010

Hello October!

Good afternoon to you! I've added a few more of my FAV blogs on my 'blog love' list over to your right. And I added of couple of new things, like the music. Is it too much? Should it stay or should it go?

Anyway, it is October!!! Our windows are open, it feels amazing outside. It smells just like my grandparents house and I love that!

Today, it is time for me to recap my september goals and add or continue some for my october to-do. As I mentioned before, I like expressing them through my blog. Don't feel pressured to read through it, you do as you please. Whatever floats your boat.

There are, however, some secret new things within the mix!


For myself:

-finish that book! Oh my word, this just shows you how slow/not active in reading a book.

-finish those applications, pronto. Almost there!

-unpack those boxes, completely. They really are. almost.

-work out, for the love of my backside. it's a work in progress.

-dentist. i have an injured tooth so it kind of needs to happen. done and done.

-buffalo exchange in dallas thank you chelsea for taking me here. it was amazing and such a fun day!

-mckinney or canton. Canton is happening to-day!!!

-set up shop at etsy. big cartel vs. etsy. Still deciding.

-john mayer concert a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

- learning that new language...... still saving up for this one

Creative means:

- baby dedication outfit so precious, i think. check it out!

- finish a certain secret something finishing touches...

- clips for my nieces ahhh. they're coming, I promise.

- continue the track of knitting. its continuing.

- bow ties. that's right. this might be happening today actually.

- booties how about sunglass cases and checkbook covers

- DIY bowl and vase... and how about clutches and mini card holders and covered wipe containers.

And now its time for - October

for myself:

- I will finish that book

- attend the Texas state fair

- Tech vs. Baylor....wreck 'em!

- Kelci Craig

- October 16th - BIG DAY - more about that later

- figuring out some doctor appointments...

- work. out. for. crying. out. loud.

- October 23rd - more about that later

- saving up for that new language....

-setting up shop at either big cartel or etsy. I haven't decided but I need some insight. If you have an opinion please let me know!

Creative means:

-clips for my nieces. its bound to get done.



-bow ties

-DIY bowls


-sunglass cases


-maybe some wreaths

-maybe some canvases

Everything is a work in progress. And if you actually faithfully read through all of that, you are wonderful. Pat on the back to you. A round of applause. I need a sonic drink. pronto. can you tell, I'm being a little ridiculous.

I will miss you. For the next 48 hours or so. Maybe not too much because Canton is calling my name and I will be completely in awe.

Have a wonderful, first day of october, fall-ish friday! love!

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Anonymous said...

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU. Also, let me just tell you how happy I am to make your to-do list :) LOOOOOOVEEEE youuuuuu.