Monday, October 11, 2010

My weekened apologies.

I realize I said I would show you some of the products for The Peach Room this weekend. But the weekend seemed to catch up to me. And since we are having our Showcase event this coming weekend, I am frantically trying to finish all of my things! Therefore, I will stop right now to say 'I'm sorry'. I'm sure none of you are too upset about it, I just feel bad saying one thing and doing another.

I will say this though, my seam-ripper has become my new best friend.

If that isn't explanation enough, amongst the insanity that is squished into my bedroom, I am the farthest thing from an experienced sewer. Its really touch and go at times, maybe even lost in the midst of broken needles and sewing rage (similar to road rage). But it's coming along.

With all of that said, please don't leave me forever, don't go too far, I'll be back really soon!

I promise.

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