Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So as I mentioned earlier, I went to Canton this past weekend with my mom and one of my two older sisters (Andrea, we missed you terribly). It was an experience to say the least. I DIED! Three and a half times, at least! We were able to go look around saturday and part of sunday.

If you plan on going, be wise. Buy, rent, borrow from a friend, a cart. They have these special carts, specific for canton shopping. Now somehow my mom already had one so we lucked out! You might be saying to yourself, well I wouldn't need to do anything like that, sounds like something serious. Well, no. You see, if you didn't plan on buying out half of the stores, you can always put your small pet inside it to tote them around, as far too many people were doing. If you just buy a few things, you can place that inside your cart and still have enough room to safely keep your fried pickles or water or lemonade, as I did.

bottom line, a cart is not a bad idea. what is a bad idea, the motorized chair rentals. it's rude. don't do it. just walk.

Here are a few items I purchased that weekend. I was taking a few photos of some things for a facebook fan page (details soon to come) and had these items around so I thought I would show you some of what I bought. No worries, these jewelry stands will be put to good use. And the window already has.

Another canton suggestion-don't overestimate your physical abilities when purchasing rather large-scale items, or items that are almost bigger than you.

I bought two windows. we were 10.5 miles away from our car. we had been there for 7 hours. and I thought it would be easy peezy to just haul my newly purchased windows with one in each hand. I hope people thought I was an overly strong young lady because let me tell you, its a bad idea. My arms had the shakes until monday. not kidding.

Totally worth it.

Last suggestion- please don't go with the idea of eating in a supremely healthy manner. Its just not a good idea. Although your stomach will disagree with me, its easier to just liven up the weekend with good food that you normally wouldn't consume all on the same day.

I had fried pickles, baked potatoes, fries, two dipped ice cream cones, one hamburger, mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, one caramel apple, banana bread, and lemonade. I don't suggest eating all of that. But we're all still in one piece.

And my mom ended the weekend with a semi purplish-dark plum eye. That is a story in itself, that I would have to have permission to speak about. But the weekend was a nice little girly trip, and one that was needed, at least for me because quality time like that is limited and always taken for granted.

THIS was my most favorite thing I bought that weekend.
I found it at the very first booth area within the first 2.5 minutes we were there.
It, too, will be put to good use!

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