Tuesday, October 26, 2010

consequences of a two week hiatus

Oh my, how I have missed this part of my life. Isn't it sad that this is a 'part' of my life. No? No I know its totally acceptable. I have had a major two week hiatus from blogging and even taking peeks at my Google Reader. And if anyone knows what that is (I spoke of it last week I believe) you KNOW that its a good idea to keep up with it. I resisted temptation and worked hard on my things for The Peach Room instead.

Last night, I wanted to catch up on it really badly since we were done with our very first craft fair this past weekend. I pull up the site, and it reads, in all seriousness, that I have 741 new blog posts to read.

Um. No thank you, I thought at first. 'but loren, you are dedicated to these blogs. they're not just posts, they're real people who sit down and take time to share their life with you (and a million other people). So you better scan through them!' So I did.

I spent probably and a good hour and a half last night, and got through half of them. HALF. So tonight, after TENNIS TUESDAY, I will have at it again.

I'm a determined person, at least when it comes to trivial things. trivial but meaningful. right?

Anyways, I added a new song to the blog for this week. Its Josh Wilson's Savior, Please. Josh is actually an orginal Lubbockian. Lubbock-ite? He's from Lubbock, TX. There.

Being a proud Red Raider and supporter of Lubbock, its neat. But you know, I actually heard his other song on the radio the other day here in Dallas. Its called Before the Morning. So good. Anyway, if you don't feel like reading this post, please feel free to at least listen to his song that is currently playing (unless you clicked on a different song, or muted your volume because you're sick and tired of hearing my playlist whenever you come over here). Speaking of sick and tired, friend, if you don't like the newly added playlist to my blog, please let me know! I will not be offended at all, I need the feedback.

Alright, sometimes I get tired of posting a post with just my blabbing on and on, so I will end with a hilarious moment that happened a few weeks ago....

I walked upstairs to find this.

My grandparents came to visit for a couple of days.
My nieces happened to be visiting us as well. In turn, they had new adults to play with. And they are serious play-ers, my nieces.

Hi MaMaw!

My oldest niece is a pro at 'role-playing'. Also meaning she always ends up being the adult, or sometimes, the daddy.

How precious is this child.

Preface: the following pictures are a few of her overly dramatic faces that go along with some serious dialogue.

Also: In order to be appropriate and the fact that she isn't clothed (sometimes we just can't keep clothes on) I took the liberty to crop my pictures and so sorry for the poor quality.

This is her thinking of her response to my mom (right side of the house). 'uhh. umm...'

I'm quite honestly not sure what that face was for.

Responding to MaMaw (left side of the house).

My mom: Well we need to go to the grocery store. Can we do that?
Her: NO. You cannot leave the house baby. It's raining outside really bad.

My mom: But I want to. How about we go to church.
Her: No, I'm so sorry sweetie but we cannot do that. We can't go to church, its too far away.

My mom: Well how about we go to school, it's time to go to school.
Her: NO. I'm so sorry baby but we don't have school today. You need to stay inside the house. You cannot.

My mom: Well can we play 'outside'?
Her: No sweetie, there are a lot of mosquitos outside. Just stay in the house.

(I'm glad no one made me go into the house)

After I said, 'hey make a silly face'.

She's either getting in trouble or my mom was saying, 'we're really tired though, we need to get out of the house, we're too old.'

um. I think this is either a whiney face or she's saying 'no you can't leave grandma'.


That's all for today.

It is now time for Tennis Tuesday. AKA me making a fool of myself while attempting to get better.


kelci deshae. said...

I just want you to know that I have been religiously checking my google reader waiting (rather impatiently) for your next post :) I adore hearing about your life my friend.

Also, and this has nothing to do with your post, but I saw a movie last night and the girl sitting a couple seats down from me had your laugh. And it made me miss you. A lot.

Okay, the end :)

Lo said...

I didn't know anyone else had my laugh! how special! I miss you too friend :)