Monday, January 31, 2011

A Tu-Tutorial

I recently had a custom order for a tu-tu. Hence the title :) And they are super easy so I thought I would share an easy tutorial for anyone who is interested. So here!

- favored colored tulle (mine are light pink, hot pink, and black)
- soft, knitted elastic
- Scissors
- A rotary cutter
- cutting mat
- a ruler or straight edge
- tape (optional)

You'll notice that I have a few spools of tulle and one cut by yardage. It was MUCH easier to cut with the spools. It takes less time and is simply more organized.

Start by unrolling tulle like ^so^
Tape edges to stay in place.
And place straight edge on the tulle.

Cut along the edge of the ruler. I made my strips a little over 1'' wide.
Cut and scootch. cut and scootch.

Then cut the ends of the strips and lay them aside. I made my strips about 19'' long. They need to be longer than necessary so that you can half them and trim them later. Remember, I'm making mine for a newborn so depending on yours, you might need the strips to be longer.

{think, 19'' - half - some for knotting and trimming = about 7 inches for me}

Now repeat these previous two steps 142 more times. Perfect.

Tip: I actually ran out of the light pink tulle, so I replaced every third light pink with a pink ribbon. It softened up the tu-tu and gave me more of the light pink to be able to finish!

Caution: Tulle is messy. They love to stick together like really clingy relationships, if you will.

(they also cling to your clothes, and shoes, and find there ways into other rooms. so beware)

So don't throw them in piles as I clearly did. This will make them super difficult to separate and they eventually stay in the crooked, crinkly mess they sit in. So try to lay them straight.

Grab that elastic. Lay it straight and cut the desired length. Mine was for a newborn so it turned out very small.

But if you have access to the person you're making it for, simply measure wherever it will sit on their hips, and take off about a half an inch to one inch, so that it will stretch.

If you dont just make it a little bigger, so they can maybe grow into it!

Now that the tulle is cut into strips, I grabbed two pieces of my hot pink and folded it in half and grabbed it like so around the elastic.

Then pull the long pieces thru the loop at the top.
Adjust tightness and placement.

HINT: For this one I used THREE strips of the light pink because I wanted it to be more full and balance with the stronger colors.

Find a pattern of the colors you're using that you like and make sure the knots look similar to this.

(New day, new shades of pictures haha.)

Once you get a few inches away from finishing all of your tulle, sew together the elastic.
I pinned my elastic together first, sewed it together a few times then used a v-stitch (not the correct term) on the lowest numbers and just went back and forth a few times before I felt it would be able to hold.

Caution: This is what happens to me when I left all my strips in piles instead of laying them more neatly. If this happens, you can grab a steamer and steam away, combing them with your fingers as you go.

If you don't have a steamer, hanging it in a bathroom and turning on a hot shower can do the trick too.

Also, this is the time I like to trim off the edges to make it the right length and make it look a little less messy.

It still needed a little more trimming at this point, but I actually added some pink ribbon throughout the tu-tu to soften it up a little.
HINT: triple knot the ribbon. They can come undone with ease.

What's that? The flower totally matches the onesie? And the headband too?
oh yea, I guess it does :)

Just so it makes sense, The ruffle on the onesie is actually in the shape of a 'V' for the baby girl's name! How fun.

Now wasn't that so super easy?!
If it turns out this is too itchy for that person, try adding some cute leggings or tights!


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm a Singer.

I have to hurry because I get to spend the day with three rad girls (two of them under the age of 3 and a half and the other being my sister) so I'm going to make this short and sweet.

But this is epic.

A big, fat deal.

I recently obtained my first ever, very own sewing machine.

Isn't it beautiful?! It was one of the BEST Christmas presents. ever.

And no, I don't know what all of those stitches mean but just give me some time.

Slowly but surely I've been using it...with another tutorial coming too :)

But all I really have left to say is this.......

HA! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

love me some studio organization.

So...I've been keeping all of my sewing and crafting supplies, absolutely all of it, in one big messy corner of a room. Its horribly unorganized. Things need to change; its time. Not only that, I'm moving it all into my bedroom, which already doesn't have excessive space to give.

As an effort to gain some inspiration on the best ways to tackle this endeavor, I've been seeing all of these studios, sewing rooms, etc. And they are wonderful, so I thought I would share them with you.

An armoire please

Yes. yes. yes. please.
And a chandelier too? yes!

look at that wallpaper!

I sadly cannot find the link to this one but I know it exists somewhere.
I believe this is in a closet but it also would be a neat way to organize a armoire

I think you can actually buy these. They could be pricey however.
A great idea for a small space.

Gorgeously organized

Go check out the rest of her newly organized workspace. Its sweet.

everything, absolutely everything, about this room, I love.

Hello library card catalog giant. and hello beautifully colorful walls.

simple and great for a small space!

In the closet

I've become a huge fan of peg board, especially when its painted a gorgeous teal? turquoise?

very neat organization and so colorful too!
I think I need rolling drawer storage.

utilizing the space above. I would definitely hang things on the closet bar too.

A little different. A little AWESOME.

head over heels about the collage AND antlers. very different.

I'm thinking a big fat 'yes' to this desk.

love the little chalkboard for your 'to do's'!

love....the giant chalkboard wall and the stenciled wall.
I printed out the pdf for it and you can find it on her blog ^.

So with all of this, do you have any helpful organizational tips?
Do's or Don'ts?
pa-lease, let me know!

help a girl out.

come over and do it for me?

no? okay.

and I'm done.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

new song!

And.......let's pep things up a bit this week, eh?

No I'm not Canadian I just felt like that adds a bit enthusiasm!

This weeks song is King of Anything by Sara Bareilles.

Just so were clear, I'm not feeling any similarity of what this song portrays, I just like to sing it loudly when I hear it.

Enjoy and have a great Saturday!

P.S. Read the post below and see how ridiculous my raging thoughts are.

first day woes.

So....I had my first day of school, again, for graduate school. And if you've wondered where I've been, all five of you, I've been there.

No not true, I'm not there all the time but its kept me quite distracted!

And let me tell you...

I highly dislike the first day of school. It doesn't matter whether it is the first day of First grade or of Graduate school. The same is true with either time of life, except maybe the swishy windbreaker outfit, giant glasses, and side ponytail :)

Here are my reasons why:

1. The over 'doing' of your hair morning of.

I, personally, tend to overly straighten my hair making it super flat (because my hair is already fairly straight to begin with) and awkward. That in turn, as we all know, that starts your day off with you being a little annoyed.

Maybe I shouldn't channel my anxiety through my straightener.

2. Biting ones nails, unaware, until it hurts like no other.

Is that not your nervous habit? no? just mine? okay. well I am severely unaware of this when it happens and then my finger hurt the rest of the day.

3. The widely acknowledged 'stepping out of ones comfort zone'

Enough said, why do I have to be brave and initiate conversation with complete strangers. Or better yet, sit beside someone I don't know. Heaven forbid. But it happens. Every year. Especially when starting at a brand new place.

4. Meeting people

I realize this goes along with the one above but its a category all on its own too. Don't underestimate it.

I, myself, HATE not already knowing everyone I have classes with, or anyone on campus for that matter. I yearn for that familiarity and who doesn't?! So, as my sweet friend told me so sophisticated the other day, 'you just have to put your brave pants on and do it' (a statement given by another amazing young lady, and its very true).

Side note: I was explaining how much I dislike this part of first days to my gal pal Meredith and she responded with, 'Uh, aren't you supposed to want to talk to people? You're going there for Counseling so shouldn't you get used to or not mind meeting new people like all the time?' And she makes a really valid point. But its fine now, I met people. In case you were wondering.

And did I just refer to her as a 'gal pal'? unusual way to reference but I sure. did.

5. Seating

It always seems as though the seat you choose to sit in the first day of class somehow becomes the one you feel obligated to sit in the rest of the semester. Like not assigned-assigned seats.

But what if you end up sitting next to someone who smells?

Or what if you can't see the professor because the person in front of you is overly blessed with some height?

And what if you had to sit really close to the front or the back and you prefer the opposite?

I mean, real hard life issues.

6. Being in the WRONG class

No don't worry, it didn't happen this time. But in 7th grade, boy, did it happen. Thankfully I spoke up and the teacher walked me to my other class.

Isn't this just the worst upon worst thing to happen to a person. In the moment, yes. Afterwards I'm sure its a hoot.

7. Getting lost on campus

This year the campus I'm on is smack dab in downtown Dallas and about a 4.2 square feet. No, not really but its so small. Yet I am still confused by the buildings. How is that possible.

But in college, at Tech, I got lost plenty, plenty, plenty of times. And Tech has one of the largest campuses in the nation. Just saying.

8. Parking and either getting a ticket or towed

Thankfully I have never been towed, but I have had my fair share of parking citations, and gotten out of some because it was not correct...but knowing where to park, especially on the first day can be so frustrating and worrisome.

9. The lunch table

I guess this only regards those first days from high school and under. But that, my goodness, was always a scary, mysterious thing. Why I was so worried about who to sit with, I don't know, I mean even then it wasn't that much of a big deal, but I needed a #9.

10. Clothing

If you're a girl, you know exactly what I mean. And if changing your outfit 11 times before you leave for class isn't enough, wearing something that you regret or is uncomfortable is even more annoying.

In college, however, I pretty much wore the same few outfits. Mainly a t-shirt and jeans. Okay, I wore sweats alot too. I really didn't care by that point.

Now, I have to dress more professionally. I'm learning. Slowly. But that yearning for jeans never goes away!!!

Awkward confession: In fourth grade, my first day outfit consisted of my hair braided (like all over. The kind you get when you go to the Bahamas. Not for the first day of school. What was I thinking) with black yellow and white beads on the end of all of them. This was also the time when the yellow smily face was really 'in'. So....I wore black shorts with a white t with a big yellow smiley face.

Picture that.

So awkward. And no this year I did not wear anything that stylish.

Thanks so much for you who read this entire list. I needed to get that off of my chest because I've been thinking about it so much!

If YOU have any good ones, feel free t0 shout it out in the comment section!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

my lack of dedication.

I was going through a binder I had packed away when I moved after graduating from college (Wreck 'em Tech!). Then I came across a piece of paper titled 'Review for Final' for my Political Science class.

***Let it be known that I had to take the class twice. Poly Sci was not my forte. I didn't enjoy it nor did I understand it***

Then a clear visual of my lack of dedication to this class reared it's hilarious head via this:

It started out so strong. two definitions. then two more that didn't get defined. and then I decided to doodle half of the page. I'm sure I started over because I did pass the class with a 'B' thank you very much.
But can you tell what was on my mind?!

Monday, January 10, 2011

God doesn't make you brave.

I am going to start today out like this:

How encouraging!

One time my mom said a certain something to me years ago when I was starting a new job, not knowing how to do any part of it, and scared of out of my mind:

Copyrighted, trademarked, all rights reserved on this one because its genius.
(no not really. but I'm serious)

'God doesn't make you brave. He gives you opportunities to be brave.
And God doesn't make you courageous. He gives you opportunities to be courageous.'

This is engraved in my brain. And comes about whenever is needed. So today, I will take those opportunities with whatever they may entail.

And I will be brave and courageous.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

...when it is right

The past 9 months or so have really been difficult at times. You can read about it here if you'd like. I realized that when you try to make out the plans of your life on your own, God takes those, puts them aside, and reminds you hard and fast that His are far better than you could ever imagine. And the other day just gave me such a huge reminder that taking a heartbreaking step of obedience has its purpose. God wouldn't place something on your heart for absolutely no reason or purpose. And if He hadn't placed it on my heart almost 10 months ago, I wouldn't be where I am right now.

And a few days ago, I was reaffirmed minute after minute of that entire day that He has me exactly where I need to be.

While sitting in the first meeting at our orientation, something felt a little too familiar. It seemed like every few minutes, something was said that would make me tear up. I know I'm a girl, but come on, that's a little ridiculous. No one else was crying.

But I couldn't believe how right it felt sitting there. It felt so right. It was almost like the Lord was saying 'now loren, don't be alarmed but this is going to be a very right place for you and believe it or not, I do have a plan for your life, and its filled with purpose. And part of that is having you here.'

Proof: the same thing happened to me when we were going over our syllabus for my Intro to Marriage and Family Therapy class, fall of '09 at Tech. I cried. In a room of TEN people. Come on. Talk about embarrassing.

So anyways, for the rest of the day, the same thing kept happening. God even provided a handful of girls in the same season of life as myself!

And that is rare, friend let me tell you.

This school is predominately male and the median age is 32. Not 23. So it was quite alarming and quite appreciated.

So that day turned out to be one that I will relish in because God moved in my heart so strikingly. I ended that day just sobbing because of what God continued to provide. And also ended it with a little hyperventilation scare with my best friend on the phone.

But one thing remains the same. I still find myself being an easily frightened...girl.

I recently read a blog post by another one of my best friends about FEAR. Fear, in and of itself, can hold such bondage on our lives from being what it should be. If you need some sheer eye opening, I suggest stepping on over there and reading it.

Just the other day I came across this picture and it could not be more fitting. If you can't quite read what it says I'll tell you:

'You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right'.
- Rosa Parks

Those are such simple words yet so strong and true, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


From my 3 year old niece just this evening:

'Dear Jesus, um..thank you for today and for stores and new fyork and bouncy bear (not sure what that is), and um, more stores and please help us have good sleep, and umm, please bless these foods. AMEN.'


Her uncle: 'What are stores?'

Her: 'OH it's a place where you leave with bags!'


Someone says the word steroids....

Her: 'STERIDS!..........Do YOU like sterids?!'

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year, new praise.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is celebrating the newness of the year.

Last night was simply a compilation of three ladies, dinner, homemade facials, new skin,
and a new year.

To say it was fun would be an understatement.

So as we were putting things unimaginable on our faces, we discussed different things we were really determined to work on this next year. I like to give mine a wide umbrella to sit under. Like taking better care of myself, in every sense of the word. I want to be more brave. And I want to work hard on the things I pursue; being seminary, The Peach Room, or that language that I've been wanting to learn.

I know that nothing is simple, there's usually some fear involved, and possibly failure. But you won't know until you try. And if you don't try then you are not even giving yourself a chance.

But then God shakes the ground, comes down and gives you some encouragement and says, 'Look. I fixed your broken bones, I mended your eyes, and take away your pain. I created you the way you are on purpose. I place passions and gifts in you on purpose. And believe it or not, sometimes things work out.'

So after that, I was just going through my unfathomably long google reader, a collection of blogs that I keep up with, and came across this picture.

And I could READ it!

Well maybe not translate it, but I could pronounce the words, I just didn't know what it meant (it means happy new year, I looked it up). holy COW!!! I got SO EXCITED!

And then the other day, I replied to someone saying, 'yes please'. And then right after my mind immediatly thought it in Russian. YESS!!!

I haven't really explained myself lately, and please don't think of me as anything strange, but I'm learning Russian. Self taught, we'll see how that goes.

Why in the world would I want to do that? I just do. There's been something inside of me since high school that's had a desire to learn absolutely no other language except that one. I have no explanation other than that! I'm not sure how it will be used or where it will come in handy but that doesn't concern me at all.

So having this little piece of encouragement makes me feel a little bit more encouraged about the other things of life.

Nothing's impossible. In fact, they should just take that word out of existence entirely.

That may or may not have been way too corny.

Okay it was.