Thursday, January 13, 2011

my lack of dedication.

I was going through a binder I had packed away when I moved after graduating from college (Wreck 'em Tech!). Then I came across a piece of paper titled 'Review for Final' for my Political Science class.

***Let it be known that I had to take the class twice. Poly Sci was not my forte. I didn't enjoy it nor did I understand it***

Then a clear visual of my lack of dedication to this class reared it's hilarious head via this:

It started out so strong. two definitions. then two more that didn't get defined. and then I decided to doodle half of the page. I'm sure I started over because I did pass the class with a 'B' thank you very much.
But can you tell what was on my mind?!


virginiamae said...

You get an A for staying awake =) I used to attend my lectures and fall asleep, leaving a trail of ink at the end of my words that fell off the edge of the paper. Cute doodles!

Lo said...

haha that is hilarious! and yes, thank you, I'm glad that I at least studied, clearly. :)