Tuesday, January 25, 2011

love me some studio organization.

So...I've been keeping all of my sewing and crafting supplies, absolutely all of it, in one big messy corner of a room. Its horribly unorganized. Things need to change; its time. Not only that, I'm moving it all into my bedroom, which already doesn't have excessive space to give.

As an effort to gain some inspiration on the best ways to tackle this endeavor, I've been seeing all of these studios, sewing rooms, etc. And they are wonderful, so I thought I would share them with you.

An armoire please

Yes. yes. yes. please.
And a chandelier too? yes!

look at that wallpaper!

I sadly cannot find the link to this one but I know it exists somewhere.
I believe this is in a closet but it also would be a neat way to organize a armoire

I think you can actually buy these. They could be pricey however.
A great idea for a small space.

Gorgeously organized

Go check out the rest of her newly organized workspace. Its sweet.

everything, absolutely everything, about this room, I love.

Hello library card catalog giant. and hello beautifully colorful walls.

simple and great for a small space!

In the closet

I've become a huge fan of peg board, especially when its painted a gorgeous teal? turquoise?

very neat organization and so colorful too!
I think I need rolling drawer storage.

utilizing the space above. I would definitely hang things on the closet bar too.

A little different. A little AWESOME.

head over heels about the collage AND antlers. very different.

I'm thinking a big fat 'yes' to this desk.

love the little chalkboard for your 'to do's'!

love....the giant chalkboard wall and the stenciled wall.
I printed out the pdf for it and you can find it on her blog ^.

So with all of this, do you have any helpful organizational tips?
Do's or Don'ts?
pa-lease, let me know!

help a girl out.

come over and do it for me?

no? okay.

and I'm done.


Jeff and Krista said...

ummm... i'm obsessed! thank you for inspiring me to re-organize :)

Anonymous said...

Your dad could make ANY of that for you. :)