Monday, January 10, 2011

God doesn't make you brave.

I am going to start today out like this:

How encouraging!

One time my mom said a certain something to me years ago when I was starting a new job, not knowing how to do any part of it, and scared of out of my mind:

Copyrighted, trademarked, all rights reserved on this one because its genius.
(no not really. but I'm serious)

'God doesn't make you brave. He gives you opportunities to be brave.
And God doesn't make you courageous. He gives you opportunities to be courageous.'

This is engraved in my brain. And comes about whenever is needed. So today, I will take those opportunities with whatever they may entail.

And I will be brave and courageous.


Haley White said...

You have one smart Mom! Love her advice!

Anonymous said...

love love love the video.
love the quote from your mom too.
i need an update on your life soon :)