Saturday, January 22, 2011

first day woes.

So....I had my first day of school, again, for graduate school. And if you've wondered where I've been, all five of you, I've been there.

No not true, I'm not there all the time but its kept me quite distracted!

And let me tell you...

I highly dislike the first day of school. It doesn't matter whether it is the first day of First grade or of Graduate school. The same is true with either time of life, except maybe the swishy windbreaker outfit, giant glasses, and side ponytail :)

Here are my reasons why:

1. The over 'doing' of your hair morning of.

I, personally, tend to overly straighten my hair making it super flat (because my hair is already fairly straight to begin with) and awkward. That in turn, as we all know, that starts your day off with you being a little annoyed.

Maybe I shouldn't channel my anxiety through my straightener.

2. Biting ones nails, unaware, until it hurts like no other.

Is that not your nervous habit? no? just mine? okay. well I am severely unaware of this when it happens and then my finger hurt the rest of the day.

3. The widely acknowledged 'stepping out of ones comfort zone'

Enough said, why do I have to be brave and initiate conversation with complete strangers. Or better yet, sit beside someone I don't know. Heaven forbid. But it happens. Every year. Especially when starting at a brand new place.

4. Meeting people

I realize this goes along with the one above but its a category all on its own too. Don't underestimate it.

I, myself, HATE not already knowing everyone I have classes with, or anyone on campus for that matter. I yearn for that familiarity and who doesn't?! So, as my sweet friend told me so sophisticated the other day, 'you just have to put your brave pants on and do it' (a statement given by another amazing young lady, and its very true).

Side note: I was explaining how much I dislike this part of first days to my gal pal Meredith and she responded with, 'Uh, aren't you supposed to want to talk to people? You're going there for Counseling so shouldn't you get used to or not mind meeting new people like all the time?' And she makes a really valid point. But its fine now, I met people. In case you were wondering.

And did I just refer to her as a 'gal pal'? unusual way to reference but I sure. did.

5. Seating

It always seems as though the seat you choose to sit in the first day of class somehow becomes the one you feel obligated to sit in the rest of the semester. Like not assigned-assigned seats.

But what if you end up sitting next to someone who smells?

Or what if you can't see the professor because the person in front of you is overly blessed with some height?

And what if you had to sit really close to the front or the back and you prefer the opposite?

I mean, real hard life issues.

6. Being in the WRONG class

No don't worry, it didn't happen this time. But in 7th grade, boy, did it happen. Thankfully I spoke up and the teacher walked me to my other class.

Isn't this just the worst upon worst thing to happen to a person. In the moment, yes. Afterwards I'm sure its a hoot.

7. Getting lost on campus

This year the campus I'm on is smack dab in downtown Dallas and about a 4.2 square feet. No, not really but its so small. Yet I am still confused by the buildings. How is that possible.

But in college, at Tech, I got lost plenty, plenty, plenty of times. And Tech has one of the largest campuses in the nation. Just saying.

8. Parking and either getting a ticket or towed

Thankfully I have never been towed, but I have had my fair share of parking citations, and gotten out of some because it was not correct...but knowing where to park, especially on the first day can be so frustrating and worrisome.

9. The lunch table

I guess this only regards those first days from high school and under. But that, my goodness, was always a scary, mysterious thing. Why I was so worried about who to sit with, I don't know, I mean even then it wasn't that much of a big deal, but I needed a #9.

10. Clothing

If you're a girl, you know exactly what I mean. And if changing your outfit 11 times before you leave for class isn't enough, wearing something that you regret or is uncomfortable is even more annoying.

In college, however, I pretty much wore the same few outfits. Mainly a t-shirt and jeans. Okay, I wore sweats alot too. I really didn't care by that point.

Now, I have to dress more professionally. I'm learning. Slowly. But that yearning for jeans never goes away!!!

Awkward confession: In fourth grade, my first day outfit consisted of my hair braided (like all over. The kind you get when you go to the Bahamas. Not for the first day of school. What was I thinking) with black yellow and white beads on the end of all of them. This was also the time when the yellow smily face was really 'in'. So....I wore black shorts with a white t with a big yellow smiley face.

Picture that.

So awkward. And no this year I did not wear anything that stylish.

Thanks so much for you who read this entire list. I needed to get that off of my chest because I've been thinking about it so much!

If YOU have any good ones, feel free t0 shout it out in the comment section!

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Anonymous said...

It wasn't the first day of school, but in first grade, I did get on the wrong school bus - I was talking to my best friend and just got on her bus. :) Unfortunately, she lived south of town and I lived north, at Pickles Gap! A friend of your moms was so sweet and helped me get on the right bus when we stopped at another school.

You're going to do WONDERFUL in graduate school. "The safest place to be is in the will of God." :)

Love you bunches!