Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a chance of rain

Oh my. Can you believe it is already November?! It came so quickly! Since I cannot add this song on my blog as of right now, I am placing it here for you. It is called Love is waiting by Brooke Fraser. I absolutely love her music, as so will you. So first pause my obnoxious auto-play playlist further down the screen, then click play below and enjoy. This is one of my favorites of her music, especially on a rainy day like today.

November is a good month. Its Fall! In fact, today was the first day I felt the need to wear a scarf. In Texas, that can be rare until winter time, simply because you never know what the weather will choose to be day to day. Most of the time, its warm. But not today. In fact, today was a 90% chance of rain AND the day I chose to schedule a campus visit for grad school. I have wonderful timing.

As many of you might know (many being 5 tops), I like to voice a personal to-do list for the beginning of each month. Well. That is somewhat helpful, but in order to make it more exciting instead of utterly defeating (since it clearly doesn't all get done), I'm going to just state what will be happening or what already has, so we can all be excited for life in November.

First lets re-cap this past month while cringing:
- I will finish that book its coming along, maybe.

- attend the Texas state fair Loved it!

- Tech vs. Baylor (Wreck ‘em!)

- Kelci Craig After a difficult time, we finally got to spend time together!

- October 16th - BIG DAY - The Peach Room Showcase = Amazing!

- figuring out some doctor appointments - figured out!

- work. out. for. crying. out. loud. P90X. Bring it.

- October 23rd - The Peach Room’s first craft fair! A learning experience!

- saving up for that new language.... slowly but surely

-setting up shop at either big cartel or etsy. I haven't decided but I need some insight. ETSY. Keep an eye out!

And now for the month of November:

Here we go.

This month is a BIG month for many reasons:

-quite a few birthdays (including mine)

-a world series game (oh wait, done! amazing and such a blessing to be apart)

-a Joshua Radin concert

-a craft show (where The Peach Room will be representing)

-THANKSGIVING in Arkansas :)

-a quick trip to Baltimore, MD.

-potential answers to life questions

-potential clarification of life direction (sound confusing yet? I'll explain later)

-working out, is working out. so far :)

I know most of this reads as small and insignificant, but a lot of it is either 1) something God has provided 2) something God has clarified or 3) something God is currently moving and stretching me in on a constant basis. More than anything, this month is a time of seeking wisdom through God himself with decisions that need to be made left and right. Some much more substantial than others, but all meaningful and life changing.

So as this month moves ahead, whether I'm ready for it or not, I hope you will join me in living it fully and enjoying the highs and lows (life-wise and climate-wise).

Today, for example, when I confidently voted, placed my 'I voted' sticker on myself UPSIDE DOWN without the slighted knowledge of it, and made my best friend question my quality vote.

I might come to you crying. I might come to you so excited. I might even come to you with my face buried in my hands (like today).
Won't you join me?

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