Wednesday, November 10, 2010

burning, staining, and pricking.

Friends, I apologize for the distance between my self and my computer. I have been knee deep in fabric and ribbon, kneedles and thread, glue and elastic, and stain and canvases. I have one more craft show coming up soon and as soon as that is done, I can breath. Kind of.

This week, I put up the song Trouble by Ray Lamontagne. LOVE him, don't you?! If I'm being honest, I don't always know what he's saying word for word, but I do love his voice. It makes me melt.

Anyways, the next few days will be filled with burning, staining, and pricking my fingers. Can't wait. However, I will be posting a small tutorial soon, so keep a look out!

You know who else's voice I absolutely have fallen in love with? This little man below. Please pause the music and watch this video. The entire thing is precious.

Have a good Thursday!

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