Monday, November 22, 2010

booth, blog, breath.

Have I fallen off the face of the planet? no. Has it seemed like that via my non-blogging? most definitely!

There is a new song here this week. After seeing them as the opener for a concert I went to a little while ago, I loved how eccentric their style was. Their dance moves didn't hurt either. In fact, it made me laugh. So this week you'll be hearing Coney Island by the Good Old War. My mom is actually hearing it play right now, and she said, 'this is what we used to call folk music. Its the kind of songs you sit on the front porch listening to while drinking some lemonade.' I just thought that was sweet. It makes me want to do that too now, darn it!

This past week has been super chaotic over here, preparing for the Taste of Christmas at my home church. It was the most successful booth we've had so far and we were so excited. I want to thank everyone who came to see our products and the ones who purchased something from us, we are so appreciative of you for supporting us!

Along with a craft event, my birthday just happened to be the day before that. Seeing as how I had, oh, about 162 things left to finish that day, it ended up being a day of work. But I did get to grab lunch with my best friend and watch the pioneer woman on throwdown with bobby flay, which positively made my day.

Here is meredith and me at our booth, ready to greet with a smile!
(Jaime, we missed you friend)

Now with Thanksgiving is right around the corner, a lot of traveling is about to take place, like tomorrow. Then the day after we get back, I'm leaving for Baltimore! Whoosh, its going to be interesting. I always seem to loose focus on this time of year. The focus of giving thanks. The focus of praising God for the blessings and the place He has me in right now. Basically being mindful of the things I should always being mindful of and thankful for.

While I'm away, I will try to blog a little bit more. I just can't stand putting it off for such a long time. Until then, let's count our blessings. The blessings of which are innumerable!

Much Love!

Psalm 118:1
'Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever.'

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