Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here is a snippet of some things that are just oozing with inspiration.

Um. Can this be my mantle? If I had a mantle.

oh I think I might pass out because of how so darn cute this is.

I mean really, who would have thought to do something so neat.
I am especially loving the couch pillows. Talk about color.

a fixie.


Such a neat idea to liven up a glass jar.

I've just come into possession of a handful of them so this is helpful!

love me some acorns.
love me some wreaths.
love me some spray paint in a pretty blue color.

I wish we had some trees with leaves like this in Texas.
Texas is kind of big, so maybe we do.

This blog is FULL of lovely wedding pics and them some. I absolutely love this wedding album on their blog.

And who doesn't love a good umbrella.

This week's song is shadowfeet by brook fraser. I love her voice and the heart of her words.


If you haven't yet clicked on the links below each picture, you're missing out. big time.
So I suggest you do so right now :)

(only if you want to. no pressure.)

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Taylor said...

I just love your heart... thanks for sharing all that God is doing through you. Isn't it amazing how much he loves us?