Wednesday, December 29, 2010

top twelve.

1. my nieces' prayers at the dinner table:
"dear Jesus, thank you for the day. um please give us good sleep, give us a good dream. and um thank you for and stores, and pillow pets. AMEN".

2. spending an entire weekend with the family, at home, on Christmas. which has never happen in the history of my life. We are usually traveling to see our extended families (we did miss ya'll though).

3. homemade rolls. twice.

5. parents who provide so much love and care.

6. brother-in-laws who quote practically every movie or show possible in three days, more than once. I learned so much.

7. nieces who bring so much life and energy to the family. and so much laughter.

8. sisters. Nothing compares to a sister.

9. And one nephew on the way.

10. My very first sewing machine! yes!

11. Riding for miles on a surrey with seriously wonderful friends. yes, a surrey. with the fringe on top.

12. Being reminded that gifts and food and decorations don't actually matter. What matters is to be mindful of and thankful for God sending his son to this earth to save a lost and dying world, by dying and sacrificing himself, for us all.


I added a new song today, it's Winter song by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles.

very mellow, but its nice to slow things down a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the picture... I haven't seen Andrea's tummy since the little man has shown up. :) And for sharing the little one's funnies...

love ya'll...