Monday, December 27, 2010

wrap it up.

You could say this post is a little past due, but I like to think of it as fashionably late :)

One of my favorites parts about giving gifts is the wrappping. I think it means a lot when you take into consideration the way you wrap something, as long as its special to you.

It is just so fun because there are limitless options! So many opportunities for creativity. So here are a few I think you might like and will hopefully give you some ideas if you're looking for any!

Winter Whites

Save the best for first! I absolutely love this array of her gifts.
I melt every time I see them. Love the variety.

using a little nature on your gifts is such a great idea. and its really cheap :)

Miss mustard seed is another one of my favorite blogs. I suggest visiting her.
I love the use of music sheets! So beautiful.

Love the paper leave tags and simple flower together.

This, that, and a suitecase?

Oh this is one of my faves.
Love unique (and cheap) paper, love tags, and LOVE twine.
So nice together.

You can actually make these beaded letters yourself! Yes, that's right.
Just bend some wire, bead, and finish!

Of course, this isn't cheap wrapping, but its so unique!

I love this so much. And it doesn't hurt that plaid is very in this season.
Pah, I just sounded like someone who knows what's 'in'. Far from true.

Okay this is actually a suite case. But I really like handwritten tags & thick stripey ribbon.

A wooden box!

I think the left is fabric which was simply folded over. And to the right you will see some tissue paper. Also a lovely way to save!

Kraft Paper

Stamped kraft paper, multiple ribbons, ga-littered wired ribbon.

A nice simple stenciled flower, pop of color, and some twine.

Again, a paper doily, and some twine, and a nice tag. So great.

Love the satin ribbon with the flowers, mixed with some regular old kraft paper.
A nice contrast.

This blows my mind.
Pretty much grab whatever you can find around your house, and see how it works together.
And somehow it works amazingly.
Even better, the sewn end!

though this picture is small, I love the different ways to use different types of ribbon.

Last but not least, this picture seems to give account to all the above ways to wrap.
And so nicely together.

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