Monday, December 6, 2010

mitchell, the 13th disciple.

Earlier tonight, I was sitting on my niece's bed about to read a story, but she decided that she needed to read to me (at 3 years old). She had been reading stories from a book of bible stories, so wonderful. What makes it funny is she would skip from story to story, making for one very interesting story of the bible. Here is how it went:

Her: 'Here is the angel and mary was scared of him. Mary loved joseph very much. Then they got married and went to beflaham. Then mary had baby Jesus in a stable. Oh look, isn't she (baby Jesus) so cute?! (The story of the birth of Jesus; Luke 1 & 2) And king herod was very ANGRY (shaking fists). Oh look this man has so many boo boos (the good samaritan; Luke 10:30-37). Then someone picked him up and took him to a hospital and gave the doctor money. And then Jesus walked and walked and walked and walked (on the water; Matthew 14:21-33). And oh no she's crying so much (referring to martha; John 11) And then mitchell, um who is this? (pointing to Peter)'.

Me: 'Peter'

Her: 'umm, mitchell. Okay so what is your name?'

Me: 'Loren'

Her: 'Okay Loren, now what is your um number? what is your birthday?'

Me: 'November 17th'

Her: 'Oh okay, who are your friends? What are they called?'

Me: 'umm, meredith? jaime? is that enough?'

Her: 'yes yes. now who is the leader?' (line leader? what does that mean?)

Me: 'uh. me.'

Her: 'OH you're the leader. Now what was your favorite part of the stories?'

Me: Proceeding to explain how I liked the way she told me about the man with the boo boos.

We turned out the lights and then I told her goodnight. She popped back up and said 'kiss! huggie!' She hugged and patted me for such a long time. And my heart just melted. and sank deep inside me. She hardly ever does that with me, she's very independent.

It completely made my night.

Just thought I would share it with you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, sweetie. Brings back many memories. Except ya'll weren't as independent as this one. She is one of a kind. :) Miss all my girls far and near!