Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wreath this!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been lifting me up in prayer the past few weeks, past months really. I really appreciate it and I am healing quite nicely. Secondly, today's post is one I am really excited about. I love wreaths. I love them in every season, but especially the wintery season. So since right now I don't have a door or real space of my own to use, I decided I would just 'wreath' my blog this time. Enjoy!

Keeping it natural:

Oh my deer was one of the first blogs I came across that I loved.
Simple pops of color mixed with the natural wreaths are so perfect.

Although I LOVE the green foilage, I think I love what's holding this wreath up more.
Its so rustic. A nice compliment.

Acorns are always a good idea.

Who would have thought to use them like this? I love it. So romantic.

For the fabric-lover:

This is perfect to use with fabric scraps (I keep mine).
I love the mixed patterns.

Rosettes. Fitting for many things; necklaces, hairpieces, bags, clothing, and wreaths.

Again, wonderful. I think she actually used left over fabrics and paper for this one.

I love how neat and orderly this one is.

Yarn. Perfect in so many ways. Useful in so many ways, including this.

Paper made:

So simple, so much texture.
Perfectly understated, while still making a statement.

I think this is for the adventurous type. So fun!

Renew Reuse Recycle:

While I worry about scratching for this one, it looks perfect for a mantle or table.
Maybe even with some softer and colorful Christmas decor.

Cardboard. Such a great use, I never would have thought of this.

LOVE this. She even put it as a centerpiece with a candle in the center.

Glittered jingle bells. They even show you how they did it.

Now this is one I should probably try becuase I have way too many brushes that
look just like this. Gracious.


By the way, I put a new song on today. It's Holiday by Vampire Weekend. It's fun, but if it's too much let me know.

Now I'm off. Sewing, wrapping, napping :) just enjoying the holiday.

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Mer said...

obsessed!!!! love the title too haha!