Saturday, December 4, 2010

a little bit awkward, a little bit awesome

A while back I wrote this post but had never actually posted it. I saw little miss momma do this on her blog and thought 'how cute, I want to do that!'. So here it goes!


-having your niece, in the middle of reading the pokey little puppy ask you, 'where's (insert ex-boyfriend's name)?'............... 'uh....he's at school and working' 'Oh. I like him.'

-when that same niece is trying to use her manners so diligently, and responds to you with a 'YES SIR'.

-always somehow picking the crooked shopping cart.

-amidst a serious conversation about hair straighteners, your friend says, 'you can think this is gross, but if you get a used one off of Amazon, we can totally sanitize it. It would be fine.'

- knowing bloggers by name. and pictures.

-having to use a measuring tape, on the side of a very busy intersection, just because your best friend needed you to, and you said yes. twice.

-you're about to do yoga with a friend. the sign says that you need, 'mat, water and towel'. Then you're friend turns to you and says very seriously, 'are we going to get wet?!'

-a text that says, 'can I tell you something and not mean to sound like a creeper?'

-drum roll please:

SO AWKWARD, that I cannot keep it to myself.

I'm sure I'll regret it later.

Enough. Said.


-when you and your best friend can look at life in different ways, then look at each other and be even better friends because of it.

-when you and your two year old niece are supposed to be hiding in the closet during hide and seek, and then she smiles at you and covers her eyes and starts saying, 'one. two. three. six. nine. TEN.'

-getting accepted to Seminary solely by the grace and hand of God!

-when two friends become engaged to each other!!!

-when you can say nothing at all, and your friend knows exactly what you're 'saying'. lauren g.

-being able to have seriously good conversation with your mom until the wee hours of night.

-amazing doctors.

-an amazing God.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME: Having precious nieces who know the love of God, and see His goodness, faithfulness and blessings in so many ways. And who do not hesitate to testify of His goodness to us.

Anonymous said...

You make a very cute pirate. :) Love you!