Sunday, September 5, 2010

September, you're here already?!

It's time to wrap up the month of August, which I cannot believe is already over. I mean really. Did that not just go by in about two weeks? give or take? In order to keep myself somewhat accountable for this 'to-do' list from last month, i'll just show what i did and definitely did not get's visually helpful for myself. a visual aid, if you will.

For myself:

-watch a meteor shower a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

-unpack all of my boxes (for the sake of my denial and my parents sanity) 75% done

-finish a book I think i have like 50 more pages...progress.

-work out more regularly (its a start) again, its a start. but i did try a night jog the other night, it was a first. i loved it!

-finalize plans and go on a trip new york!

-take a visit to lubbock so good for my heart

-finish certain applications almost there

-go to the dentist date set

-start learning another language saving up for that

Creative means:

-finish classroom mural you can check it out here

-finish something secret...for now. on the finishing touches...more about that later.

-make at least 3 new things Ruffle Necklace, no-sew top (a brave attempt), and something else, can i count the mural as one? maybe?

-start learning how to knit or crochet bought what i need!


Now on to September. There are new things ahead and new goals to set. and the others to finish of course.


For myself:

-finish that book!

-finish those applications, pronto.

-unpack those boxes, completely.

-work out, for the love of my backside.

-dentist. i have an injured tooth so it kind of needs to happen.

-buffalo exchange in dallas

-mckinney or canton.

-set up shop at etsy.

-john mayer concert okay, so i just accomplished this last night, but it was already on the list.....and it feels good to cross things out!

- learning that new language......

Creative means:

- baby dedication outfit, first and foremost. I have the pleasure of making one of these for a fantastic family who is trusting me blindly with this.
which also involve some firsts:
*a cute skirt
*embellished onesie

- finish a certain secret something

- clips for my nieces

- continue the track of knitting.

- bow ties. that's right.

- booties

- DIY bowl and vase

There is a lot more going on, but this will suffice for now. As discussed in my previous post, there has been an excess amount of traveling going on this past week and a half. And will continue on this next week. But after that I will be home for ever. I have so much I want to tell you about. And I will....ill just let you wait a little bit longer.

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