Monday, August 23, 2010

'age appropriate' handwriting

My sweet, older, middle sister is starting her first year of teaching this week. She is being blessed with a daily dose of kindergarten. Earlier this month she asked me to just paint a few things, here and there, in her classroom. The basis of her precious room are ladybugs, polka dots and such. I regretfully post these pictures and before you get any ideas of looking further into this post, PLEASE be forewarned that this is the first time I have ever painted on a wall and I rarely paint in the first place. So please do not judge the follow:

ALSO. My sister said the following before I started, 'I don't want the words to look perfect, they need to just look natural and crooked if need be so that my kids won't judge their own handwriting upon it and feel badly about their own.' Therefore I graciously free handed some positively crooked and naturally ridiculous handwriting on her wall. and it is there to stay, for now.

Lady bugs. Progress.

One giant ladybug, coming right up.

This was a HUGE help.

Can we say 'uh. okay'.
(I felt so bad when the teachers kept coming down the hallway with an interesting facial response to this and saying 'its really cute. what does it say.'

there are the faces....

This is the only picture I have of the finished product for right now. there it is.

Mel, I was so glad to hear about your first day going so smoothly and that you didn't cry. But if you do, that its out of joy and excitement and a love for what you're doing. I hope the rest of this week goes even more smoothly. We're praying for you and your 19 babies. Gosh, you will be such a great teacher! You are a great teacher. Have so much fun. We're so proud of you sister!

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