Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a friendly remark

Quote of the day.

From my dear friend meredith.

I'm going to give it to you straight. And then preface it afterwards. I'm sure that sounded confusing but lets all just remember that I do have a degree.

With a deliberately pointed finger, 'I hope you come back crying'.


Meredith loves me. A lot. Right now we are both in the same place in life and happen to live quite near one another. We both just graduated with our undergrad, moved back home, single ladies, figuring out our next steps, and acting like we know what we're doing. Within all of that, we have established ourselves as each others 'interim significant other'. Really just meaning we rely on each other since we are both in a similar area of life. We're all each other has okay.

Well today had just been one of those days. We took a small part of the day to run an errand and grab some frozen yogurt. Tears were shed, then stupid things were remarked as to uplift the spirits a bit. Just good times. Then I mentioned that I was going to visit my friends back in lubbock where I went to college. She was fine with it, I wasn't too worried about that. But then she started referring to things with a little uneasiness. Basically she is afraid if I go back, I'll change my mind, move and leave her here. That was when she made such a remark.

Meredith, I'm not going to leave you. At least not right now. And thank you for knowing just what to say.

Mer has a blog. And it is slap your knee funny. And sometimes very serious. and sometimes abundantly insightful. so check it.

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Mer said...

oh dear Loren, thanks for the honorable mention in your blog...I do want you to be happy, you know. As long as it is in the same town as I am;) Just kidding, I'll move with you and live in your closet...kidding again. but really...