Tuesday, September 7, 2010

travel shmavel.

I am currently sitting on a hotel bed. in raleigh-durham, north carolina. But I wasn't supposed to be here until tomorrow night. why, you ask? well i'll tell you. God invented something called a tropical storm. that tropical storm decided to come in-land and not tell anyone last night. or I was unaware of it until last night. And I just admitted my neglect to watching the 5 o'clock news.

Anyway, I have a very exciting ophthalmology appointment on thursday morning and it cannot be missed. I cannot walk, bike, or ride to my appointment, it is just too far of a distance. dallas to durham, no thank you. So in order to fly out before t.s. hermine arrived, we had to leave a day early. which brings me to this lovely hotel bed.

we'll discuss more about that on a later date.

last week, I went to new york for three days. It. was. amazing.

I learned many a few things just within the first hour of being there. Here are a things to remember or keep in mind:
-first and foremost, new york is not like texas
-do not look at anyone, especially strange men.
-do not smile at them, even if its a habit. they will say things to you. and you don't want that.
-keep your sense of direction, especially when exiting a building
-don't get your feelings hurt if store employees aren't the nicest of folk. they might be having a bad day.
-go outside of midtown. take adventures to the other parts of the island. its not that big.
-take plenty of pictures. its interesting how you can forget to do that.
-go to all the 'tourist-y' places. its fun.
-go to places and do things that interest you that are not in the norm of tourist attractions
-be prepared for a little culture shock
-take the time to appreciate the architecture of the buildings. its so easy to let them pass by when driving in a frantic taxi or on a crowded street.
-mentally prepare for the chaos and fast-pace life

I think that is enough for right now. my mom was gracious enough to take me on this trip and i enjoyed it so much with her. If you ever want to go on a trip and see just about everything you could only see in a week, in two days, you come join us. Because we probably didn't see our hotel in daylight for more than an hour at most. But our feet payed for it.

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