Sunday, April 10, 2011

things I love

Ughhhh. enough said.

I'm thinking gorgeous and whimsical bridal bouquet. yes.
Or a nice centerpiece for a table.

beautifully made clutches over on Etsy.

Anyone need a super inexpensive way to make a wreath. This-butcher paper.

fabric wrapped gifts. perfect.

For some reason this makes me think of Twilight. But I love it so much.

This should be a blog post on its own. These guys make custom made pieces with all kinds of recycled doors, shelves, and drawers. Unbelievably creative.

mixed feathers. love. perfect.

I don't know.
But I love it.
And it kind of reminds me of the Texas Rangers.

I like to think these are attached in her hair (which I reeealllyyy would like to do myself)
or it's just a legit earring.

Lace shorts made from a skirt.
Not something you see everyday, but beautiful.
And it helps that lace is very in this season.

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Mercy Newton said...

cool wreath! i've been in a very arts and crafts mood lately. i got a canvas and some paints-just waiting for inspiration before i put anything on it!