Monday, March 1, 2010

surprise birthday weekend

This past weekend was one of the few that I had no obligations to. It was also conveniently the same weekend of my mom's birthday. Seeing as how I have missed every family birthday for probably the past two years, I decided to go home for a visit. Not just any visit, but a secret visit.

Let me stop right here and state the following: I have never completed a successful surprise. ever.

My wonderful sister picked me up from the airport last thursday and took me to the house. Mom was not expecting company. Let's just say that it was a success along with a minor heart palpitation. The following day we had lunch with me, mom, one of my sisters and a large table of sweet women who surprised her. (Allow me to preface that she was supposed to attend a bible study that morning. Since I was in town she decided not to go and half of the women there were her apart of that bible study group) So her initial reaction when her and I walked in was not noticing the balloons and daughter standing up with her camera, or the haven't-seen-in-a-long-time friends, but just the women from her bible study with the need to go explain why she wasn't at tere that morning. She said, 'Oh, I need to go say hi to these ladies. Do you know who they are?' Then came the grin that I'd been holding in for a very long time, 'yes mom, they're here for you.'

Heart beat completely stops.

The next hour or so was a great time with a lot of laughing and good conversation. Thanks to my sister, the lunch was another successful surprise. The next day was her actual birthday. We just spent the day together (with my dad as well) doing this and that around town. Dad made a wonderful meal for us ladies, even though I was supposed to help make it and kind of left to skype with my nieces and sister. oops. It was a very eventful, needed, and enjoyable weekend.

There are not enough hours in the day to explain how beyond wonderful my mom is. She is brave. She is heartfelt. She is lively, genuine,
kind-hearted, energetic, completely selfless, strong, courageous, unconditionally loving, encouraging, and reassuring. She is that kind of person who random people make conversation with all the time and for no apparent reason. She is that kind of person who will put absolutely every single person before herself. She loves her husband. She loves her daughters. And she loves her granddaughters. She is always right about everything (even though I don't want to admit it). She always seems to know what to do or say. She is absolutely everything you could hope for in a mom. And she smells so good. She has been through a lot and with each one of her three daughters. Somehow she still loves us.

And I bet you anything thatas she reads this she'll be shaking her head, saying
out loud 'oh my goodness. no..... no, no loren. I am not'. Yes you are. And I know you pretty well, don't I.

All this to say, I spent a couple of days making her such a cute card for her birthday and forgot to give it to her all weekend. I found it right where I had put it safely in my bag.

It was a weekend full of surprises and heart palpitations. I hope you enjoyed it, mom. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Your mom told me about this surprise on a phone call. You and Mel will never know how much this surprise party meant to her. And what you wrote is all true, and may I add, the best big (big being just a little bit older but a lost smaller) sister ever. And yes, I'm sure she was shaking her head no, no, no while reading this post. Yes, yes, yes, Peg.

And I heard Don & Nancy were there too - that was so sweet. I'm going to have gather up all of my out of state family and bring them back home for visits.

aunt pammy

Anonymous said...

Amen sister! Mom is amazing-there really are not words that are able to explain how much she loves and is loved.. and I am so happy that the surprise went as planned. That was such a small thing to do and I just know it meant the world. I love you and we DID it!! Praise the MAKER!! loveyou.

Mom said...

What can I say...You and Melanie did an awesome job planning this. I can not believe that you both would take the time to do such a extremely kind thing for your ole momma!
Thursday night when Mel came over and said "I brought you your birthday present", I never dreamed it was you! I needed to see you, hug and hold my little baby! What a shock to see you walk thru the door, I just couldn't believe it.
Then when you both invited me to go to lunch of course I was thrilled! But then when you told me all those people were there for me?!? What? I can't believe they all came, on a Friday mid day, for my birthday! There is no way! I can't believe it. It was just too overwhelming! You are both so very busy with your own lives! I had a slumber party in the 5th grade and now this surprise party at 51!
A surprise weekend is a small title for such a wonderfully unselfish deed! My heart did almost stop!
I have the most wonderful daughters God ever created! All those things you said about me, are so far from the truth but kind.. no, no absolutely not! But those ARE the attributes of you and your precious sisters! Andrea is out of state but would have been right in the thick of all of the planning if she'd been able to. That is the kind of women you all are! Women after God's own heart, showing His love, kindness and spreading goodness to all those blessed to cross your paths! I could not be more proud of the Godly women you have all become and how much you spread God's precious love to everyone by everything you say and do! No mom has ever been so richly blessed. You ARE the best birthday present I could have ever wished for! I'll remember this time for the rest of my life!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I haven't gotten to read your blog until now...oh, my are awesome! But you don't have to write about me, you've got much better and more interesting things that God wants you to share, I know!
Keep those posts coming!!!
I love you the mostest!!!

Peg said...

I forgot to thanks to Pammy too!
Dear Pammy,
You are the best little sister ever! How many times in the last 47 years have I asked you to pray with me?! Many times...several times per day!
Thanks for being THE God Mother to my babies! You had a hand in raising them and I appreciate it more than you'll ever know. Just knowing that a sweet Godly woman like you was and is always there if and when they ever need you, including prayers! You've always invested yourself into others and we all know how wonderful it is to have awesome people supporting you! Please know how much you are loved and appreciated!
I love you Pammy!