Friday, March 19, 2010


Death by browsing. I don't like to use the word 'shopping'. It makes me feel like........I just don't like it. Most of my version of shopping involves looking and changing my mind. It was such a wonderful day today. sunny. breezy. clean. We went to two of the greatest places on the planet. anthropologie. anthro. where i purchased a lovely little aged herb pot. but i don't need any herbs. so it will probably have a candle in it soon. I also found a knob (for the tassel i will be making soon) for $2.95. yes.

then we went to pottery barn where we bought one of my sisters many a thing for her new house with the gift card from our other wonderful sister. Now i am not an empty woman who only finds joy from these places. I don't. But if someone wanted to give me a million dollars to spend there in any way necessary, I would definitely not complain. But its not what's most important, let's make that clear. It just excites me to the core.

and then.

I ordered this.

The first, and probably last, dress I bought from the best store ever. It's going to be a bridesmaid dress for jaime and grant's wedding this summer! That's what happened today. And now some one-on-one time with mom before I have to go back to school.

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Anonymous said...

Sisters shopping - what fun!! And you will make that dress look gorgeous! :) I went online to anthropolgie after our phone call - they have some of the coolest stuff!!! Must go there some time. Miss you and love you bunches!

aunt pammy