Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I learned something new about blogging. Apparently when you save a draft and then post it later, it puts the date in which you first wrote it. hm. interesting.

Anyways, I sit here now, multi-tasking. While I am writing I am also soaking my feet. I have neglected my feet for too long.

I 'nanny' a couple of children everyday after school. I noticed today, that there is a certain smell in an elementary school. And every school seems to have the same general scent. Its not bad. Its just elementary-ish. Maybe its a mix of manilla paper, elmer's glue, chocolate milk, class pets, and little children. Just another one of my many perplexing thoughts.

I have the privilege of spending time with a five-year-old every week day. It is a blast and a half. Most of the time. Let's just remember that I do not have children yet. And I certainly do not spend much time around five-year-olds. If you ever need an honest opinion, ask one of them. They straight up speak, no announce, every thought.

here is a little slice of what I hear everyday:

-after face planting in the bike racks, the first day I picked her up mind you. she puts ice on her face and keeps asking, "is the purple off yet?"

-in the car on the way home "oh those policemen look go-oo-oooood. they're hot babes.'

-me: 'what do you want to be when you grow up'
-her: 'well, when i'm 11, I want to be a cheerleader, then when i'm 16, a singer. And then when I'm 21 a mom.'
-me: 'how many kids do you want to have when you're a mom'
-her: 'um. 4 or 5. You know, you can't have more than six kids.'
-me: 'why not'
-her: 'i don't know. you just can't. you can have 5 or 4 or 3 or 2 or 1 or 0 though.'

-after meeting my dad "your dad doesn't have those things on his face." "what things...wrinkles?" "yeeahh. wrinkles."

There are so many more things its just too late for me to remember. I hope that gave you a peek into what conversations I enjoy everyday. its great.

On top of all of the humor that comes from being this age and so honest, I wish that I could have an ounce of the pure joy, excitment, and trust that this little young lady has all the time. And the energy.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of things Camden used to (and still does at times) say. And they are so serious when they say them. Wouldn't it be great if we could have a camcorder on all the time for such things?

Love you, sweetie!

aunt pammy

mom said...

Precious, precious! They have such innocence, such unpretentious...they do everything with their whole heart and effort, don't they. If they love, they love completely, not guarding themselves as the world tells us to do. If they fear, they fear with every cell in the little bodies! And when they trust, there is no holding back, absolutely no reservations! Anyone whom misuses the love, and or trust of a little child should be so very fearful of the rathe of God, even if it is in small ways, it is so very wrong!
Enjoy this little one, she sounds like such fun!
Oh, by the way, I looked at dad really close, and I found a wrinkle! HA!
I love you, my sweet!