Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tutorial: How-to Transfer an Image

*Please Note: I wrote this post back in the Fall, not recently.*

I feel like its finally time for a tutorial...I have tutorials exploding from the seams of my computer that have yet to be posted. There's no better time than now to share one of them!

Today's is one I made back in the Fall and it's how to transfer an image from paper to another surface (i.e. canvas, paper, wood, etc.) I learned this back in my college drawing class. Its actually not something you should do in a drawing class because its basically the equivalent of cheating. But for crafting purposes, it's perfect!

*Keep an eye out for the TIPS found throughout the steps.

I love ampersands.

Things you need:
- canvas
- good pencil
- printed image (to transfer)
-tape (optional)

 Step 1: Print out the image or words you would like to transfer to the canvas.
TIP: I like to cut the edges of the paper an inch or two away from the edge of the image itself. It makes it easier.

Step 2: Place the paper face down on a hard surface.
Step 3: With the pencil on its side, scribble all over the paper completely covering the edges of the image.

Step 4: Position the image face up on the canvas where you would like it to be.
TIP ONE: Precision is key. Take the time to make sure you have the image placed exactly where you want it (i.e. centered and not crooked)
TIP TWO: I like to tape ONE side of the paper to the canvas to hold it steady for the next step.

Step 5: Take the pencil and draw along the outside of the image.
TIP: Make SURE you press very firmly. Otherwise, it won't show up on the canvas.

Step 6: See, the pencil will barely show up on the canvas. So after you finish painting, you won't be able to see the marks.

I'm not really sure why I took a picture of this.

Step 7: Find a paint you love. I mixed up a few to make the perfect color.

Step 8: Paint the image. 
TIP: I like to use a shorter, angled brush. It gives you more solidity when trying to stay in the lines. Especially for those of us (cough, cough me) who have a shaky hand when it comes to anything that doesn't erase.

Step 9: Be happy and relish in how perfectly straight, centered, and beautiful your canvas looks!

Here's another example of how I used this transferring technique to paint a word:
(I cut out each letter individually to make sure it fit on the canvas)

This is the Russian word for "trust". At least, I think it is!

I hope this is helpful and fun to try! Let me know if you have any questions!

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