Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arkansas and then some

I'm sitting at the kitchen table wearing leggings and a long sleeved t. And I'm loving it. I don't care if it is summer. I'm at home for goodness sakes.

I just got back home yesterday from a girl trip to arkansas. Me, mom, oldest sister, and two little nieces. It was full of family time and rest. And being outside a little bit. Random, but did you know that it smells absolutely incredible at my grandparents house. Absolutely incredible. I can't even describe it but its unbelievable. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that a chunck of my childhood and memories are apart of that place. They have been talking about moving into town and that makes me sad. The land they live on will be sold at some point and they will probably move town-ward. town-ward isn't a word. anyways, I cherished more than usual that smell I love so much.

You're probably okay with me ending my shpeel about smells right about now.

Sometimes, when you spend a lengthy amount of time, like a five day trip, with little ones, you get to laugh quite a bit, and you get to hear some wonderfully matter-of-fact opinions, questions, answers, thoughts, etc. Here are a list of quotations from a somewhat rambunctious two and a half year old:

'i'm too scared to put my shoes on'
'time out!' (to grandma)
When asked her birthday she said, 'August ferd'
When asked how old she will be, 'Three and a half'
Helping grandma drive down a very steep driveway, she started singing, 'Going down down down to the fire, the ring of fire'
'How did you sleep mommy'
'Mommy do you want a red hot'
'no thank you' 2.5 seconds later...
'Mommy do you want a red hot'
When asked why she put a giant wad of cream on her chest she said, 'because I needed to get it off my hands'
When asked why she opened the cream and put it in her hands in the first place, 'i don't know'
(This happened again the next day)

We also got to enjoy renditions of johnny cash's other songs, as well as farmer in the dell, frosty the snowman, and a lot of take me out to the ball game.

It was a joy.


Sparkles N' Sports said...

Thanks for posting M's sweet little quotes!! Out of the mouths of babes!! I love that age, they are so cute. I miss my nieces.

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to get to see most of my girls, even tho the time was short. You always did like the smell of "home." :) Seeing M with wads of cream in her hands, her front torso covered in cream was hilarious. Then to come back the next day and find that she had done it again, well... I miss my big girls (A,M,L,H,H,H) being babies and tots again. Love you Lo - your blogs are blessing many - just remember that!