Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tennis tuesdays

chelsea, I borrowed that from you!

I played tennis tonight. I should really say 'played'...poorly. It was the first time and I just need to thank the three friends who walked me through it. My patient, encouraging, ridiculous and dear friends.

even with my poor communication, my not so good swing, and my lack of hustle. severe lack of hustle, i will admit that, I had so much fun with you.

I learned three things
- you have to shag. shag shag shag.
- you cannot swing your racket like in baseball. you cannot.
- you have to put your tennis balls in your shorts, skirt, whatever.

Tennis is fun. Its a workout for sure, but such a blast.

Now I am completely ready to shut my eyes. swinging ones arms and running around at night is kind of tiring. Or maybe I'm just not used to the activity. yes. I think that's it.

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