Sunday, May 2, 2010

radio sermons. what....

Well. To anyone who reads this, college years are winding down. Here in the next month I'll be taking my last finals, graduating, moving home, going on a little trip, then celebrating one of my best friends getting married to my other sweet friend. So to say this transition will go by quickly is an understatement. But no fear, I'm sure my own feminine emotions will take a bit longer to transition.

As for now, I'm sitting and enjoying watching three of my loved ones sleep in the living room. Some are on the floor, yes, but they enjoy it. I think.

I've come to a small revelation these past couple of months. Pastors on the radio. I love them. Well, most of them. Growing up, my dad always seemed to turn the radio to the sermons. I usually didn't enjoy them. At all. Because being younger you don't usually feel like hearing a pastor's sermon fill every nook of you car. But as I got older, I've learned to just let my dad have that time and enjoy it with him. But I noticed something a couple months ago. Everyday, during the exact time I drive to work, Charles Stanley is on the radio. And over the past while I have absolutely cherished my time in the car listening to him. Maybe its because it reminds me of the moments I got to listen to those voices with my dad. I love my dad. And I miss him. So maybe that's it.

There's something about being alone in a vehicle, listening to some wisdom, and soaking it in. Dr. Stanley, thanks so much.

I know this is short but its time to go prepare for something I hope and pray and
know God will take charge of.

enjoy the rest of this day today.


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Pam said...

Precious. Yes, you, my little LoLo. I'm thankful you appreciate those times on the radio with your dad, and that they really are meaningful to you now. And Dr. Stanley - goes without saying.

Love you bunches! pammy