Saturday, May 8, 2010

my stern voice

The other day at work I had to use my stern voice. My very stern voice.

And if anyone knows a tiny piece of my self, you probably didn't know that I had one. Well I do. And it broke my heart. We had some issues, I won't go into detail, but I had to be the adult. Developmentally appropriate, appropriate discipline of course. And my five-year-old friend replied, 'I know you're my best friend, but my feelings are just hurt and I'm upset'. I gave her a few minutes to have by herself, under her bed, and walked out shaking. I felt so bad. Basically thats just hard for me to do but there were no hurt feelings later on, and the next day she was the charming, sweet girl she always is.

Because of that day, I'd like to share just a few hilarious moments I've experienced the past couple lighten the mood. Here you go.

The other day I wanted to wipe the counters. Here was our conversation:

me - 'hey would you like to help me wipe the counters so when your mom gets home she'll be so happy?'

her - ', can I sing the cleaning song?'

me - 'Sure' (proceeding to grab my phone and write down what she sings because she is constantly making up songs that are so funny, creative and such and I never remember them. Don't judge).

her - 'Ooh oh oh. cleaning is right. cleaning is my businneeesss. oh yeah a a a. get my wiggles out, get my wiggles out. yeah. we do this cleaning business. Is so much fun to do. did you know you know you dress up in different clothes (to do cleaning?) oh ha ha ho ho ho yeah. La la la la la.'

If that doesn't make you smile, here's one more:

We were driving home from school the other day. It was quiet. I think everyone was tired. Then, from the back seat, I hear, 'I just really like basements. It kind of feels like going to the roof. You know that feeling. That's why I like them.' [pause] 'And I like stairs too. A lot.'

every weekday. love it.

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kelci deshae. said...

I definitely was not aware that you had a stern voice.