Sunday, May 30, 2010

blog neglectfulness

talk about neglect. for real. I'm sorry. Alot has happened in the last few weeks and every time I sit down with my computer I end up not having time to type out my thoughts. Well here we go, I'm sitting on the couch, wet hair (don't ask), and watching a little tori & dean on the side. I'm ready to blab my life away to you now.

let's go back a tad, shall we.

three weeks ago I graduated from Texas Tech with a degree. An actual degree. The entire family, except for the bros-in-law, came to Lubbock from Dallas the DAY OF, through rain and windy-ness, and then packed most of my belongings for me. Then I avoided all ways to not pack up the rest of my things in hopes to stay, somehow. Who knows, I was very emotional off and on.

then, I moved all the way back home. I do not live in lubbock anymore yall. I absolutely love being at home with the family. I've been wanting to be closer for so long, but for some reason, I miss that little windy town. It has all of my sweet friends there. It has all of my memories, it has my apartment and my roommates. But now, its time to transition. oh I am so tired of transitioning. stop it!

After we drove home, I took a trip. A trip with just a good, sweet friend of mine, lauren. We went here......


An 8.5 hour flight. For someone who cannot sleep on a plane. A place that has a five hour time difference. A place of innumerable rainbows. The cleanest air. The brightest sun. A place with an ocean. Mountains. A bit of rain here and there. Gorgeous gorgeous plant-age. It's completely easy on the eyes. AKA bliss.

Our first full day there, it actually rained for most of the morning and since we woke up at around 6am we did what anyone else would do while waiting for it to clear up. A little bit of coffee, food, uno, jumping on our beds, food, more uno, food....then all the days after that were wonderful and perfect.

It was the most wonderful trip. So relaxing. And perfect timing. These few days were a huge blessing and I am so thankful that I was able to go.

Now, I am home. Ready for what the summer may bring. Ready to see where God leads me. Ready to pursue what I need to and not pursue what I don't need to....make sense? i hope so.

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