Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today I negotiated. Well today someone, my five year old friend, who reallly needed a drink negotiated with me. Let's set the stage...we had just got a special snack at sonic, dropped a brother off for practice, ran a quick errand and stopped to get gas. Apparently the large drink someone got at sonic wasn't enough.

Here was the judgement call I was given, 'I need to save my sonic drink for dinner tonight and I am just really thirsty right now and even though we have diet dp at home and we're about to be there, I really need one right now.'

me - 'uhhh........okay.' followed by a long talk in the car about how that won't happen again because it's wasteful and we just can't buy two drinks in the same car ride.

Now after that, it is time to continue packing up my college undergrad life......accompanied by a box of tissues.

family - cannot wait to see you on Friday!!!!!!

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