Wednesday, March 30, 2011


About a month ago, my dear friend and I spent Valentine's Day together. Being single, this was greatly appreciated and I loved an excuse to stand with her for hours.

Christi and I are quite infatuated with someone known as The Pioneer Woman. And if you don't know who I'm talking about, SHAME!

No that's not nice, but really. You should at least click on this link to her website to see exactly what I'm talking about and share in our affinity for her.

We couldn't believe months before that she would be gracing us with her presence in Dallas and I thought, 'Its not even a question. I'm going.' I have to pause and give props to my oldest sister for telling me about Ree back in 2009. Thank you, thank you!

Okay, so back to Valentine's Day, we went to Borders in Dallas to see her. But early that day, on my way to class, I stopped by to grab the wristbands that account for your placement in line. Good thing I did because we stood in line for 3 hours, I believe? And they weren't even halfway through the line at that point.


Anyways. I wanted to share with you the EPIC experience.

It. was. surreal.

When I walked in, I saw the back of this.......

uh, hellllo marlboro man.

*He signed my book. I drew the line there. Picture with him, no. Picture of him, yes.*

One of my favorite people of all time. I think we met....almost 20 years ago. 20 years.

Standing in line for that long can really do a number on you. But it doesn't shake the excitement.

There's the back of my head. And probably the moment when I was telling her how my sister wanted so badly to be there but she was literally about to go into labor so....and then she replied with an, 'oh I wish she would have. I would have loved to deliver her baby, I'm serious.'

Oh Ree. Considering all you accomplish in one day, I'm sure you could have.

Do you ever see pictures like this with someone you don't know, and wonder why everyone looks so uncomfortable. Well its because YOU'RE NERVOUS and SWEATING PROFUSELY. And thinking, 'man I really hope the way I'm standing doesn't look funny'.

Well personally I think I looked ridiculous but I was also still completely excited. But she was a doll and I loved meeting her.

Short story behind this picture:

My sister gave me her book for Christmas and it came in February. I was just so excited to have it in my hands so I was taking a picture of it, obviously.

But then my best friend Meredith convenient calls me as I'm doing so and here's our short conversation:

Me: Hey

Mer: Hey what are you doing?

Me: Uh, just taking pictures of my book.

Mer: You're taking pictures of your book?! WHO takes pictures of their book. Shouldn't you be reading it?

Me: Listen, I just got it and I'm really excited about it so leave me alone.

Maybe you had to be there. But I took a picture of this too.....

Love you too, Ree.

Love you too.

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Christi said...

I always love getting to read your blog, and it caught me really off guard that this one was all about Ree and me and that wonderful day that the course of our three lives crossed! haha. I love you, Lo!!!