Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a baby check

the past few nights my two nieces have been spending the night over here at the house. They are so precious and such joys to be around. Last night my parents sent my almost three-year-old girlfriend to give me a check. She hopped (when I say hopped I mean she walk/ran/skipped the way that little ones do) in the kitchen holding out a little folded piece of paper and said,

'here lolo, here's your chick.'

me: 'my chick? Oh my check (it was a check) thank you big girl.'

her: 'you're welcome. it's a baby chick.'

we both went into the room where my parents were...

me: 'hey thanks for my chick.'

parents: 'your chick?'

her: 'I want a marshmallow. Grandma, can I have a chick?'

parents: 'a chick?'

me: 'I think she's wanting a peep.'

her: 'A PEEP'

Seeing as how it was far past easter, they didn't have any of those. so a slight meltdown happened but then she forgot about it. It was just a funny moment for myself and it might not make sense but it was worth sharing....

have a great thursday!


Anonymous said...

oh I love love love it! Totally made sense. Laughed out loud as I usually do at your blogs. My sweet baby...cant believe almost 3!! love you....keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

So funny, and so her. :) Almost 3 - no!!!!!!! Can't wait to see them and you next week.


LaurenG said...

hahaha!! I love it!! baby stories are my favorite!! :)