Monday, May 21, 2012

Surgery & an Encouraging Video

I realized I haven't told many people about my next surgery, completely by accident. I'll be having my next eye muscle surgery on May 30th. We leave on Monday the 28th. I have a pre-op appointment Tuesday and possibly a shopping appointment with H&M later that day. Priorities. And then the surgery on Wednesday morning.


Sometimes stories of other people's life experiences are the biggest encouragement to me. This video has been one of the biggest ones for me just in the last couple of months and it actually has nothing to do with Tim Tebow, no offense to him, but all to do with this sweet kid, Adam Hubbs.

In the middle of his story he expressed one of the most raw and heartbreaking things I've ever heard a child ever say, making me realize how my worst days can seem completely insignificant.

Referring to moments when he wanted to die, "Yeah, I had days when I just wanted them to put something in my IV so I would just fall asleep. But I know you can't do that. I just think God chose me because I'm strong enough to get through it and some other people aren't".

He just seems so strong in all the important ways. Please watch it. It'll change your heart and your day I'm sure.

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