Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prayers needed tonight.

I promise to give an update of my surgery in my next post which will be soon, but before I do, I would like to request a prayer from all of you please.

I've been seeing a giant prayer request about a family all over my facebook the past few days. They had delivered a set of twins far too early. One of the boys went to be with Jesus soon after being delivered and the other is fighting like a warrior to survive and having a great deal of problems. I know there have been an unbelievable amount of you praying for me the past months and this sweet little man is need for yours immediately. I feel rather compelled tonight to share this with you and I don't normally do this unless I feel strongly to do so. And tonight, I do.

The full story of this family's current struggle can be found here and I am sure there are many different things to be praying for them:

Here is an update from the daddy about Asher:
     "We almost lost Asher tonight. At 2:30am two nurses rushed into our room a woke us up and told us that the NICU had called and said that if we wanted to see our precious Asher before he passed that we needed to go now. We got Robyn into a wheel chair and rushed down to the NICU where everyone in the unit was working on Asher trying to save his life. 

They had ti give him surfactant tonight for lung development and it created a small tear in his lung due to how delicate they are. Air was building in his chest because of the tear in his lung causing his heart rate to drop. It was a crazy few minutes as they rushed to save him and they were able to put a needle into his chest and aspirate the air off until a NICU doctor could put in a line that could drain the air better. After they had the line in his chest his heart rate went and all of his vital signs returned to normal. As you can imagine, it was another scary moment in what seems to be a never ending nightmare. However, it was another example of how we have no control over anything and we had to again just beg God for Him to save our little boy. After losing Titus I can't imagine losing Asher, but we know that God has his days numbered just as He does for all of us and that His plan is perfect no matter what! As we prayed over Asher as the doctors rushed to save his life, we continued to pray the verse that led us to his middle name of Mark. In Mark 9:24 it says "I do believe. Help me with my unbelief." This verse has comforted us throughout our fertility struggles and it was powerful tonight as we feared we would lose another son. We prayed that we do believe God's plan, but that he would help us with our unbelief at the same time so that we could trust Him more in all things...including with His plan for our family!Please pray In Jesus' Name specifically that:1. That Asher's lung would heal and that they could remove the aspirator tube in his chest. 2. That this did not cause any trama to his brain and that he doesn't develop a "brain bleed". This has been explained to us as a major risk for micro-premies and is the equivalent of a stroke for adults. 3. That he would not develop any infections. 4. That God would save him and make him into a mighty warrior for His kingdom!5. That God would help us believe more deeply in Him and that we would trust Him more with our family and our lives. And, that He would help us with our unbelief in the times of fear like we've continued to have throughout this process. Thank you all for being faithful prayer warriors with us! We pray that the Lord takes you deeper in His relationship with you as you pray with us in this struggle!" -Bryan Adams

It's truly amazing to hear just words come from a man struggling in so many heartbreaking ways. I've never heard people speak in quite a manner as this when faced with one of the most painful parts of life I would wish upon no one. It is such an encouragement to me and really makes me evaluate what my trust in God really looks like in all parts of my life. Please please please join me in prayer for this little baby and his parents. They need it right this minute and it is the best thing any one of us could do for them and their hearts. 

Thank you for always reading my posts and joining me in such a request. My hope is in God who loves us more than we can fathom. I'm just so thankful tonight that He who knows and understand the things of life far more than we ever could has everything in His hands and in His control. I believe that.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this Loren. I have prayed for this precious life, his parents and all those around them.
Love you!