Saturday, December 24, 2011

Movies. Babies. Purpose.

There is a lot going on among our family this Christmas season. Our Christmas celebrations are looking quite different than they usually do. My second oldest sister will soon have her first sweet baby. And since he is officially one week overdue, our attention is very much set on him.

My bag has been packed for almost a week now. One would think a baby would come right on time, but as we all know, God's timing, while perfect and complete, is usually not the way we would plan. I've been thinking so much about this sweet baby. And although I haven't yet seen his face, and although I am not his mother, he already has my whole heart. I cannot seem to get him out of my mind, especially considering the fact that as soon as he decides to come, I'm heading three and a half hours south of here!

I watched It's a Wonderful Life the other day for the first time with my roommate as we made coffee and a Christmas wreath for our little apartment door. While I know it is almost unbelieveable that I have lived 24 years without seeing that movie, it was such special timing to see it precisely when I did.

I know this is a strange thought coupled with a strange comparison, but there's such a oneness with my nephew and this movie....

See, in the film, George Bailey came to a point in his life when he thought he was useless and insignificant because of who he was. Well God moved in such a way as to show him his significance and importance of living his life with the purpose God gave to him by revealing the way he impacts an innumerable amount of other people's lives.

In the same way, although this little man has yet to grace us with his presence, he is already impacting many people's lives. At the same time, I also know with full confidence that God has him on this earth with a significance and a purpose. He is already loved so deeply and is wanted and cared for by so many people. And notice, that just because he hasn't physically come out of his mother's womb, he is already here on this earth. All that separates us from him is someone's body. Which therefore means he is already created with a purpose for his life on this earth. I could go further to other points with that but I won't tonight.

Another thought is that the exact time in which a person comes into this earth, has to also directly impact the way life happens. So I take this "being overdue" not as a completely horrendous thing, but that God's exact time that he wants my nephew to come is absolutely not when the doctors said would be time, but just right. My sister has one of the best perspectives about this and is being SO patient, even though she might tell you otherwise.

So with that thought, I am ready to meet this new man/baby in my life. Ready to hold him and yes, change any diapers because I love him that much. And as I told my sister, "He will come out. That is an absolute. You can bank on that one."

Now it's all a matter of time...


Melanie Oprea said...

Ashton and I are so so blessed to have such a sweet person in our lives! Thank you for sharing such sweet wonderful thoughts about my little man and gods plan for his life. Truly blessed to have you as my sister and friend! Love you!!!!

Lo said...

Thank YOU for sharing your sweet little man with ME and letting me be with you for days and days. I'm so proud of you Mel. You're already such a wonderful mommy. And I can't wait to see the man that he becomes. Love you.