Tuesday, July 12, 2011

real life.

I've been sitting here, admist all of this life that's happening around me, why I haven't taken the time to sit here, and just share life.

Why am I so short of words?

Why have I felt this wall against really sharing anything?

I haven't been able to explain or comprehend why something so trivial as this, would seem so hard to do. I only let myself share things that are truly on my heart. And I can't figure out if what's really on my heart are things I don't want to share, or that I simply don't want to be honest with myself. This all sounds so very deep and I don't mean for it to be. I'm also wondering if I'm either being kept of words, so to be still and listen. Or if I'm just dealing with things of life without truly addressing them to myself.

All of this to say, please be patient with me. I want nothing more than to blab on and on assuming that somone else other than my mother might read it. Not for my own sake but to share what's on my heart and share what God's been doing in my life so that it may stir passion for Him in yours and maybe reveal more of what He is doing in your own.

I appreciate you so much, whoever you are. I see places (bottom right of the page) coming to visit and I could not be more thankful. Despite this very somber post, this summer has been beautiful and full of lovely people and lovely things happening. I plan on sharing them very soon...really.


Anonymous said...

so glad you are having a summer filled with beautiful things and wonderful people! pammy

Mercy Newton said...

cant wait to hear more of your sweet words. they are so very sweet to me.