Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's time

Blogging. It is a weakness. A guilty pleasure. And I am officially attempting it. I figured since I have approximately 44 blogs in my 'favorites' list on my computer, I should maybe just make my own since I obviously enjoy it so much.

So here it is. My temporary blog title is 'Lo' and I just cannot seem to come up with anything clever that will be it for the time being. I am college student about to graduate. Born and raised in the South. I honestly don't know if anyone but myself will read this and that's okay. I just hope that whatever I make of this, it will be encouraging. My life is a complete blur and undirected (so it seems) thing I hold so dearly. I naturally make marvelous plans for my life, as do any and every other girl. And God really takes that opportunity to say 'hey, loren. quit doing that its really annoying. And I would really appreciate if you would just pay attention to my guidance'. Since I apparently cannot do that very well, He likes to make it so blatantly obvious to me. Sometimes so much that I just start laughing thinking, 'Okay, Lord. I got it.'

So to sum it up I'll probably use most of my time on here to relinquish the life experiences that I am living, the transitions that I am about to experience, and the decisions that are as clear as mud. It'll be fun.......get. ready.


Stephanie & Dave said...

I am excited to read more! Especially because I know you I will be able to connect to your blogs more! I am still learning to develop my writing skills and how to "blog" if there is even a correct way to do so.

Susan Valovich said...

Thanks for doing this, Loren. I would love to hear about your life. I really miss all of you girls and this is so nice to be able to find out more about what is going on with you than hearing it from Caroline on fb. Love you, Aunt Susan

Mom said...

It is time, isn't it. You've always been somewhat quite in most company. But when we are just you and me, I love to listen you whatever is on your mind. You are an ole soul! A sweet little lady that is very very wise beyond her years. But with all wisdom that is to be shared, there should be the knowledge of when to speak and when to listen. You have the perfect balance of all that.
As James 1:19 says, Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry". You learned at an early age that is why God created us with two ears and only one mouth. I've yet to put that into practice most days! But God is working on that with me, we are all "a work in progress", right!?!
I am praying as God speaks through you, through these posts. He has much to say, and this is a new way to reach those He wants to share with.
I love you and am so proud!