Friday, April 16, 2010

rain. lysol. more rain.

Today, it's raining. And I could not be more thankful to be inside my blessed apartment. No class. Just a morning of coffee, beth moore, blogs, CLEANING, laundry, list making, kings of leon, ben rector, owl city, bon iver, norah, the avett bros, gift wrapping, card making, and all avoidance of going outside and getting wet. I love the rain, only when I can enjoy it from inside.

I can speed sort my laundry. Found that out today. I love doing laundry. Except on the days when I do not.

And I love the smell of comet and lysol.

I have a physical...inability-to-move type reaction when I'm learning of new ways to make things and craftiness and being creative with my hands. Oh my goodness, I just enjoy it so much. Why can't I just do that for a living haha. Welp I'm working on a few things right now, here and there, pardon my lateness for some of you (melanie, I think its been over a year since you asked me).

I'm sorry for the random thoughts that just flew out of my fingertips. I just know that a few certain friends and roomates are about to bust a gut if I tell them one more random thought that just has to be told. I can't keep them to myself. I just cannot.

Its time to brave the undrainable roads of Lubbock and pick up some kiddos from school. Some days we have discussions of whether or not we'll make good decisions for the next few hours while I am there. Some days I get a 'yes', or a 'yes maam', or a 'duh'. I get to hang out with the neatest and sweetest two children everyday.
Love them to pieces.

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